Active School Communities

Special focus on the “Active School Communities” European project

With the support of the European Commission (the Erasmus+ programme), this two-year project brought together 11 European partners, including our Think tank, with the objective of putting in place tools to strengthen the ties between schools and local sports clubs so as to ensure more active environments for young people.

In the general context of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, childhood and adolescence represent a unique opportunity for acquiring and developing aptitudes which will lead to improving physical condition and good health. According to a recent (2016) OECD health survey, in Europe only 20% of boys and 10% of girls aged between 11 and 15 do enough daily physical activity in line with WHO recommendations. Making school the pivot for an active lifestyle must therefore be a priority. Amongst other things, this means not only giving a higher profile to PE (physical education) lessons and encouraging school sport during the whole school and university career, but also creating links with sports clubs.

In this revue you will find contributions from our European partners and feedback from the experiments carried out at the local level in schools in 6 countries. Our Think Tank also called on our network to add to the discussion and try to find possible solutions for increasing cooperation between schools and sports clubs.


Point of view “Sport is not only about fitness and competition”
Tiziana Beghin Member of the European parliament

Special Feature – Active School Communities

“Active School Communities: an EU project”
Emilia Crushcov, ASC Project manager / BG Be Active

“School, Physical education, physical activity and sport: strengths, weaknesses, perspectives”
Rose-Marie Repond and Martin Holzweg, European Physical Education Association

“The “Active School Communities” toolkit”
Kevin Barton, Youth Sport Trust international

“Pilot evaluation of the ASC Toolkits – Intermediate results”
Prof. Dr. phil, Dr. h.c Roland Naul, Sen. Prof for European Studies in Physical Education & Youth Sport, Willibald Gebhardt Institut

“Getting kids all over the world moving through sport and play”
Dan Burrows, Senior Director of Global Community Impact, Nike EMEA

“Making young people aware of the advantages of doing a physical activity”
Guillaume Viniacourt, Coordinator of the programme Playdagogie France

“Helping to reform schools through sport”
Nadia Bellaoui Secretary general Ligue de l’enseignement / Véronique Moreira, USEP President

“The challenge of learning through sport”
Michaël Attali, professor at University of Rennes 2, Director of the Vips Laboratory

“A new kind of education provision”
Véronique Moreira, Vice president of the CNOSF in charge of the relations with state education

“What is the Most Valuable Partnership of Building Active School Communities ?”
Morgens Kirkeby, President of the International Sport and Culture Association

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