An Active Workplace label

The European Meetings of Company Sport (EMoCS) is a project led by the European Federation of Company Sport (EFCS), along with 8 other partners including Sport and Citizenship Think tank. The project aims to develop physical activity at the workplace.

On 11 January 2019, partners of the EMoCS EU project met in Ljubljana, (Slovenia) to further the development of the project’s upcoming workshop and prepare for the creation of the first EU-wide label on “Active Workplace”.

A large amount of evidence shows that companies with active employees have a beneficial impact on their companies’ productivity, on society but most of all on people’s own wellbeing.

The Paris call for an Active Workplace label was launched in September 2018 during the European Meetings of Company Sport. This call is a first step towards creating a European community of practices and develop tools at the service of companies. Partners set the basis for the possible creation and implementation of a label which would include a quality certification.

If such certifications exist at national level (for example in France led by French Federation of Company Sport and in Slovenia led by the Slovenian Sports Union), no such programme exists at European level.

The upcoming EMoCS workshop will be held on 20 June.

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