European Social Dialogue in Sport

Journal n°15, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

thumbnail of Couverture – revue 15The confirmation that the fight against corruption in sport, which has risen alarmingly since the liberation of the online betting market, now represents an absolute priority for the EU. The adoption of the “Green Paper on Online Gambling in the Internal Market” on 24th March 2011, and the huge public consultation set up since, demonstrates this political will. Michel Barnier, the Internal Market and Service Commissioner, who is in charge of this dossier in Brussels, explains the reasons for this commitment in this journal, and reveals future steps.

Another area where the EU can bring an added value is the establishment of a European social dialogue in the sector of sport and active leisure. Encouraged by the European Commission in its White Paper and its recent Communication on Sport, the setting up of this dialogue will give “employers, athletes and sports workers the opportunity to shape labour relations in the sports sector through an autonomous dialogue in the general EU legislative and institutional framework”.

Even if, in theory, everything seems to be ready, in practice setting up the social dialogue in the sports sector is proving to be more difficult, for several reasons.

Table of Contents:

Exclusive interviews

Jean-Luc Bennahmias, Member of the European Parliament.

Michel Barnier, Member of the European Commission.

Attali Czene, Minister of State for Sport, Hungaria.

Rolands Broks, Minister for Sports, Education, Science, Youth and state language policy of the Republic of Latvia.

Laurent Wauquiez, Minister in charge of European Affairs Republic of France.

Sergey Bubka, Former pole-vaulter, & President of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, European Club Association.

Marco Villiger, FIFA legal Director.

Philippe Diallo, Director general of the French Union of Professional Football Clubs.

Emmanuel Macedo de Medeiros, Association of European Professional Football Leagues CEO.

Philipe Piat, Vice-President of FIFPro.

Jean Brihault, Vice-President of the European Handball Federation.

Pernilla Wiberg, Olympic ski champion.

Special Feature – European Social Dialogue in Sport

 “What is the European Social Dialogue?” 

Jean-Paul Tricart, European Commission.

 “Social Dialogue in Football: weakness and challenges”

Michele Colucci, College of Europe, & Tilburg University.

 “Social dialogue in the sport and active leisure sector: IMPLEMENT, AFFILIATE, CREATE- IMPACT project”

Marcel Martin, European Association of Sport Employers.

 “Balancing athletes’ fundamental rights against the specific nature of sport”

Walter Palmer, UNI Europa Sport Pro, & EU Athletes.

 “The non-existent social dialogue in Central Europe”

Gabris & M. Giba, Comenius University in Bratislava.

 “Are referees independent?”

Muriel Féraud-Courtin, TAJ Law Firm.

 “Finding a balance: managing diabetes and physical activity” 

Leonor Guariguata, International Diabetes Federation.

“Gender Equality in and through sport”

Amanda Bennett, European Women and Sport

“Sport’s prominent role in the Netherlands civil society” 

Jo Lucassen, WJH Mulier Institute.

“Off the streets into sport …”

Benoit Danneau, Homeless World Cup Local Organisation Committee Paris 2011.

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