Expedition Friesland!

Johan Spijksma et Anita BakkerFriesland is literally centuries old. Is there still something new to discover? Absolutely! And you experience that best if you do not stick to the standard routes. Johan Spijksma and Anita Bakker from Sport Fryslân, who are in charge of developing the SPACHE pilot program in the Netherlands, explains why.

Sport Fryslân is the sport resource center of the province of Friesland. As a partner of the SPACHE project, it has developed the pilot program “Expedition Friesland”: you could travel along the eleven Frisian cities and in each city, you experienced a piece of the typical Frisian culture, not as a spectator, but by moving yourself.

It’s your Expedition Friesland!

Sport Fryslân developed several activities combining sport and discovery of local heritage. While climbing, walking, sailing, cycling and abseiling you experienced the Frisian history, regional dishes, art, architecture, not to mention the Frisian landscape with its views and the abundance of water.

This Expedition could be done at your own pace: you could do several activities in one day or you could spread them over several weeks. In an order that you determined. And if there were activities you’d rather not do, you could just skip them.

What did that look like?

  • Canoe tour along Bonifatius memorials: Bonifatius was an English monk who was murdered in Dokkum. But what was he doing in the Netherlands? And most importantly, why was he murdered? In Dokkum you come canoeing past all important memorials and slowly the puzzle pieces fall into place.
  • The most delicious bike ride: a combination of cycling through the Frisian landscape with the tasting of Frisian regional dishes. After each dish you cycle to the next location and at the end of the day you have covered many kilometers, but you have also tasted the best delicacies in Friesland.
  • Abseiling from a church tower: with a spiral staircase we climb to the top of the church tower of Workum. That in itself is a task. But an even greater challenge is to abseil down again from the outside.

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