There is a significant difference in the sports industry between men’s and women’s federation licences in 90% of sports in most European  countries. It is not easy to pinpoint the factors that influence this (financial issues, gender stereotypes, etc.), but what is clear is the looming influence and pressureexerted by the patriarchal discourse on gender equality in sport, not to mention the influence of the media.IIt is not the case that modern sport has managed to do away with sexism and it is still essential to design an equal perspective that allows for the elimination of the gender gap in federated sport, while also tackling the role played by the media as an informative and co-educational tool that needs to be nourished by the presence of women role models who also reflect achievements, efforts and, sports habits and offer new sports examples based on equal, diverse and multilateral participation.

GAP WOMEN is geared towards achieving a primary objective centred on promoting women’s participation in sport in order to increase the number of women’s federation licences while also promoting inclusive and sustainable sport. To this end, it will take as its starting point a preliminary study about the current situation of the gender gap in sport and will empower federations and other organisations by offering training (online to drive digitalisation in the industry) and tools to further good practices. Effective communication strategies and inclusive and sustainable gender-parity sport events will be set up to raise awareness, sensitise and stimulate women’s involvement in sport while encouraging the community to dismantle preconceived sexist mindsets and stereotypes.GAP WOMEN is aimed at adult women aged 18-50, including ones from vulnerable groups, and also organisations, federations, clubs and public authorities which need to take on board the commitment to promoting sport for equality, social integration, sustainability and economic development.

Leader : Unio De Federacions Esportives De Catalunya – UFEC (ES)


  • Sport et Citoyenneté (FR)
  • International Council Of Sport Science And Physical Education (ICSSPE)
  • Maieutica Cooperativa De Ensino Superior (PT)
  • Wakatobi Circular Thinking (ES)
  • Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport E Vita (IT)
  • International Sport And Culture Association – ISCA (DK)
  • European Non-governmental Sports Organisation – ENGSO (SE)
  • Federació Catalana D’activitats Subaquàtiques (ES)
  • European Table Tennis Union (LU)

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