Grassroots Sports Diplomacy project

The strong extent of grassroots sports across various European societies puts forth the strength and stronghold of EU values and civic dedication amongst European citizens. By promoting grassroots sports internationally, their importance on national political agendas is enhanced to increased. In addition, the soft power of grassroots sports diplomacy is continuously gaining implementation, as National governments search for new ways to foster international relations across the globe. In return, international relations can serve grassroots sports by learning from other best practices and trends that they can them apply.

These are the foundations to the Grassroots Sports Diplomacy project, as it seeks to develop the required baseline for a qualified and systematic role of grassroots sports in international relations.

The project is led by the International Sport and Culture Association- ISCA (Denmark) and is further composed of 9 additional partners that are:

The project will run for 24 months, and will start in January 2018 with the Kick off meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Sport and Citizenship’s role throughout this project consists primarily in establishing national and European trends and potential strategies regarding grassroots sport diplomacy, but the think tank will also participate in organising a high profile conference during the Finnish Presidency of the EU, to gather stakeholders from all levels and lay the funding stones for future collaborations.

Sport et citoyenneté