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Greece launches national Start to Talk campaign

The Greek Deputy Minister for Sport, Lefteris Avgenakis, chaired the Ministerial Round Table session from Athens on 15 January 2021, as part of the series of online events making up the 16th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for sport.

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Child safeguarding strategies in sport: see how five countries have done it

As part of the CSiS project (Child Safeguarding in Sport) which is co-financed by the EU and the Council of Europe, the project team is organising a series of five webinars in January and February, each one showcasing a system where the roles of Child Safeguarding Officers have been successfully set up in different countries.

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Georgia launches national Start to Talk campaign

On 10 December, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (MESCS) of Georgia organised a conference to launch its National Start to Talk Campaign against child sexual abuse and harassment in sport.Start to Talk is a Council of Europe call for action to public authorities, the sport movement and other stakeholders to take the necessary prevention and protection measures to stop child sexual abuse.

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Introductory session: Human Rights in Sport

This introductory panel session was moderated by André-Noël Chaker and included insight on human rights issues such as right to a fair trial, child protection and economic and social rights of athletes

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The Saint-Denis Committee met for the first time

On the 1st December, the Committee on Safety and Security at Sports Events, also known as the Saint-Denis Committee or T-S4 Committee, met for the first time, in an informal and virtual format.

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