PACTE continues to move forward

The first steering committee for PACTE took place May 29-30 in Paris, and witnessed discussions around the project’s current evolution and steps for the near future. Although still very young from the all of its 6 months, PACTE is covering encouraging ground notably in regards to the first online survey. The online questionnaire boasts over 400 answers as of late May, with overwhelming number of respondents eager to participate in the follow-up questionnaire. Indeed, the representative European-wide survey firstly strives to establish a status quo of European municipalities’ sport and physical activity (SPA) policies and strategies, before secondly feeding the self-assessment tool and improvement scheme that will be made freely available to local authorities wishing to improve their citizens’ quality of life by promoting and facilitating access to daily SPA. Such research is innovative as it addresses the vastly unaddressed aspect of SPA at the municipal level when, paradoxically, local policies and initiatives possess a more direct impact on citizens than national ones.

Early autumn, the research analysis will be made available before its empirical content will be put to the challenge during the first workshop (to be held in Liverpool, mid-November 2018) via the self-assessment tool. More to come very soon.

Sport et citoyenneté