Sport and Citizenship Think Thank welcomes new European Parliament report on the future of sport policies in Europe prepared by MEP Tomasz Frankowski


On the 23th of November, the European Parliament voted in favor of the report on the future of the European Union sports policy, by 597 votes in favor to 36 against and 55 abstentions. This vote is an important step forward for the European sports landscape. Indeed, the report calls upon the European Commission, the Member States and other stakeholders to support the sport sector in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and to promote inclusion, equity and social role of sport.


In the frame of an online consultation held the 1st of July 2021, Sport and Citizenship was invited by MEP Tomasz Frankowski to provide input for the drafting of his report on the future of sport policies in Europe. Sport and Citizenship Think tank wished to promote three main objectives:

  • Better recognition of the sport sector in all EU funding after the COVID 19 crisis
  • Sport as a mean of inclusion for all marginalized persons, especially refugees
  • A European dialogue for the measurement of sport social impact


Sport and Citizenship is pleased to see that these objectives have been identified as matters of priority by the European Parliament for the construction of the future of sport policies in Europe. Indeed, we are convinced that sport policies in Europe can play a key role by building such resilient, sustainable, and inclusive society. And we strongly believe his role could be strengthened especially through the introduction of a European dialogue aiming at creating comprehensive and specific methodologies to comprehensively assess the role of sport in our society.


This requires strong commitments. As Mr Frankowski points out, “we need more EU policy involvement in sports and more sports funding. Our main task as MEPs is to enhance and protect a values based sporting model in Europe for the next generation[1]. Sport and Citizenship hopes that these recommendations will lead to real progress for the European sport landscape and looks forward to being part of it.


Find the report here

Find the Sport and Citizenship contribution here


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