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Sport as a means of empowering women and girls all over the world

As access to rights and ressources is denied to women and girls all over the world, this book brings to light eleven examples where they have been empowered through or by doing sport, in such a way that seeks to encourage them to take their full place in society and to fight structural gender discrimination and inequalities.

By learning about such positive experiences, we can build international cooperation schemes in favor of equality. Although they are being deliberately gender-consicous, there is no paradox in the fact that the schemes have a universal aim.

As for Major International Sports Events (MISE), they must accelerate liberating social changes and measure their sustainable legacy.

Writtent by Marie-Cécile Naves, PhD in Political Science and Director of Studies of the Think tank Sport and Citizenship, with the support of CHANEL foundation.

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Sport et citoyenneté