Sportboard: on the field for a better youth sport education

Albert Salarich, Sant Cugat Creix. Manager of the SportBoard Project

Group pictures of the consortium of the Sportboard project


SportBoard is a follow-up initiative of Ethics4Sport (E4S) which aimed to improve good governance of grassroots sport organisations and governing bodies by proposing a holistic approach towards monitoring and managing ethics behaviours of children and young athletes. After the end of E4S’s implementation, some observations were made leading to the elaboration of SportBoard. The first observation was that there is a lack of information on indicators of ethical (non-ethical) behaviours of athletes in the sport field.  It is then difficult to identify non-ethical behaviours, properly analyse and manage them. In this regard, the project partners came up with the first specific objective: to develop a set of indicators of ethical (non-ethical) behaviours of young athletes for its further monitoring and management. Another observation made was that, to influence policies and ethics in sport, a model of cooperation between grassroots sports organisations and public authorities to provide policy needs to be established.

The SportBoard initiative will provide an integrated platform to monitor ethical behaviour of athletes, educate sport coaches and P.E teachers on indicators of ethical behaviours, and propose mechanisms for their regulation. The innovative character SportBoard lies in its holistic approach towards improvement of good governance in sport in terms of proposed tools and processes: identification of ethical behaviour indicators, monitoring, management, and regulation, and establish some cooperation between grassroots sport organizations and governing bodies.

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