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#SHAREinitiative : Seminar on sport and regional development

On February 13th in Brussels, the SHARE initiative organised a seminar on sport and regional development

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“Our research and evaluation flexibility is probably our greatest strength”

Interview with Kiera Staley from the (research) Centre for Sport and Social Impact at La Trobe

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Sport and Citizenship is the only European Think tank on sport that aims to analyse sports policy and to study the societal impact of sport.

The Think tank is independent, benefits from 10 years’ experience and has achieved recognition from public authorities and European sports stakeholders. It is therefore regularly consulted by international and European institutions, Member States, the sports movement and civil society which consider it one of the principal points of contact in the domain. It is at present undertaking several European projects, including the PACTE project for the promotion of physical activity.

Sport and Citizenship reflects on the socio-political issues related to sport. Their goal is to participate in the construction process of policies, both national and European, in the areas of sport, health, education, citizenship, sustainable development, the economy and social cohesion.


This section serves as an archive for documents from European institutions and the Council of Europe that impact the sport domain.

Recommendations, courses of action, working group reports. This interactive space facilitates access to numerous documents adopted by the institutions and offers summaries of them. Enjoy your visit!

Every yearSport and Citizenship organises conferences, round tables and other occasions that bring sport stakeholders and policymakers together.

Each event addresses an issue relevant to sport in society. Click here to discover our 2020 events.


Anna GERKE is Administrator of Sport and citizenship and Professor at Audencia Business School.

Currently, in Australia, she writes articles and conducts interviews for Sport and Citizenship

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