Enhancing sport and physical activity by culture

Journal Sport and Citizenship n°55

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Editorials words

“Sport and culture are often opposed, but I think they actually have a lot in common: performance, emotion, the pursuit of beautiful movements, and also, and above all, their ability to offer a variety of disciplines which are each unique channels of expression for personal development, liberation, finding one’s way and feeling good…”.
These words from Tony Estanguet on the subject of the Cultural Olympiad sum up the connections which exist between sport and culture. They also evoke the distance and sometimes the lack of knowledge separating the two sectors, both of which contribute to personal fulfilment and social cohesion.

Sport and culture, a field to explore

Exploring the links between sport and culture and, in particular, examining why it is worth using natural, historical or intangible heritage to encourage individuals to get physically active, was the aim of the European SPACHE Project. The project was supported by the EU’s Erasmus+ Sport programme and run by a consortium of nine partners including out Think Tank; it was the chance to document this subject and also to test four pilot programmes in different environments. In this revue you will find a presentation of all these activities.

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What are the lessons of the Spache project dedicated to sport and culture ?

Several things can be learnt from this project. Firstly, that pleasure – in discovery, learning and having fun – is a key factor for getting people to do a physical activity, and on this level, discovering our heritage can be particularly useful as an impetus. Secondly, that projects combining sport and culture are formed when there are “connectors”, individuals who make a link between two universes which often have little to do with each other. Finally, that these projects must be long-lasting, visible and out in the open (outside stadiums, museums and libraries…) to form a real part of our common culture.

Sylvain LANDA
Editorial Director


Recommendations of Sport and Citizenship

Photo d'Eva JacometEva Jacomet, project manager at the Think Tankpresents the recommendations and lessons that Sport and Citizenship addresses to decision-makers in the sports world about “sport” and “culture”:

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European News


Special Feature – Enhancing sport and physical activity by culture


Sport and Society

  • UEFA and UNHCR commit together to helping refugees – UEFA
  • Building stronger links between the sport, education, equality and health sectors – Gabriela Ramos, Assistant Director-General for the Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO
  • Football for Schools: when football meets education – FIFA, Football For Schools
  • “Gagner du terrain”: Facilities to encourage sport – Groupe FDJ
  • « Ecology is the common goal in the world of sport » – Yves Pellicier, president of MAIF
  • Open Football Club : cultural openness at the service of youth football players – Fondaction du Football
  • The Crédit Agricole, partner of the film “Marinette” – Crédit Agricole
  • Protecting volunteers – what can sports clubs do? – Colin Miège, President of the Sport and Citizenship Think Tank’s Scientific Committee
  • At FC Lorient, sports training, scholastic and civic education – Acadomia
  • The Pays de la Loire Region Tour: an event linking territories along the Loire – Région Pays de la Loire
  • A committed club: les Neptunes de Nantes! – Les Neptunes de Nantes


Sport and Citizenship

  • Successful launch for the OSES Project! – Clara Gauthier, Head of European Affairs at the Sport and Citizenship Think Tank
  • Inclusive urban environments for physical activity – InAbled Cities
  • Trustee’s word – Laëtitia Bernard, Radio France journalist and writer Sport and Citizenship Think Tank


Speak up

  • Cultural perspective, the Nantes International Open Squash tournament? – François Le Jort

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