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Sport integrity is at the heart of the guiding principles for competitions and the bodies dedicated to sport. This revue, with its valuable contributions from numerous experts, primarily those federated by the Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport, deals rigorously with current challenges and the solutions for preserving this ideal.

What ideas do we have on integrity in this 57ᵉ issue?

The articles presented offer an in-depth analysis of current problems. We cover the protection of athletes’ personal integrity, with the notion of “safe sport”, and the efforts needed to combat all forms of violence and discrimination effectively. We take another look at the ongoing issues for preserving the integrity of sports competitions and combating the manipulation of results. We examine the questions of ethics and integrity in the way sporting organisations work. These approaches cast a light on the commitment of stakeholders (institutional actors, the sports movement, civil society) to upholding fair and responsible practices.

Throughout this revue, our objective is to promote a constructive dialogue and support efforts which aim to ensure that integrity remains an absolute priority. We invite the whole of the sports community to get behind this vital issue for the sake of the fundamental values of sport.


Recommendations of Sport and Citizenship

Julian JAPPERT, Directorpresents the recommendations and lessons that Sport and Citizenship addresses to decision-makers in the sports world about “sport and integrity”:

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