European Projects

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Our leading projects

  • Project Pacte + (leader) on promoting physical activity using the Matrix, an interactive tool for municipalities to develop a personalised action plan to become an Active City
  • OSES project (leader) on raising young people’s awareness of the need to protect the oceans and seas by providing educational resources for those involved in water sports
  • Planet Ball project (leader) on the use of football as a vehicle for raising environmental awareness among young people, with the support of 8 partners across 7 European countries

Our partner projects

  • SPORTBOARD project (partner) on promoting more ethical sport governance
  • GAPWOMEN project (partner) on increasing women’s participation in sport
  • Green Team project (partner) on promoting sustainable, ecological and inclusive sporting events by integrating groups at risk of exclusion and minimizing the environmental impact of sport
  • Move at work project (partner) to promote sport at work by supporting professional organizations in integrating physical activity strategies
  • Run 4 div project (partner) to promote social inclusion, the fight against sedentary lifestyles and environmental issues through corporate sports activities
  • City, Green, Go! project (partner) on the creation of eco-responsible sports activities and initiatives
  • My Sporting Heritage project (partner) on strengthening a sense of belonging to the European Union through sporting heritage by creating digital educational tools accessible to young people and educators across Europe


Projects run by Sport et Citoyenneté

  • PACTE project  to promote the concept of “active cities”
  • Project Fire +  on the social inclusion of refugees through the support of sports organizations and the development of educational tools
  • FIRE project on the social inclusion of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees through soccer
  • PASS project run by Sport et Citoyenneté

Projects in partnership with Sport et Citoyenneté


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